Running JSMusicDB on a Synology NAS with Docker support

Add a image

Search for node-mp3stream in the docker hub registry and pull the image
docker images

Create container from image

Once pulled, create a new container using the image. Click Advanced options docker create container

Add a volume

Mount your music volume in the container on /mnt/music and
mount the data volume in the container on /app/public/data. docker create container - advanced - mount volume

Map the TCP port

Map the container port (16882) to a local port. docker create container - advanced - map port

Docker container

You now have a container that can be run and accessed via the port described above docker containers

Add a user

Click the details of the container and head over to the terminal.
Focus on the terminal of node-mp3stream and you will be prompted for a username / password
If you want to add more users, create a shell and excecute node app adduser docker add user

External access

To connect to your node-mp3stream container from the internet you should set-up a reverse proxy
(go to control panel > Application Portal > Reverse Proxy) and add a new rule: reverse proxy It is wise to enable both HSTS and HTTP/2 for better security and performance.

Play time!

Now it's time to head over to and provide your information login

If it feels to quiet, head over to settings and press Reload now to scan your music collection. login