Web based music player & database

Connect to your music from anywhere in the world. Back- and front-end can be installed and accessed seperately.

The ultimate plug-and-play music player

Lucien Immink.

Why JSMusicDB?


Host your own node-mp3stream and connect to it from anywhere in the world.

Always up2date

New features are added without the need to install them! Just go to www.jsmusicdb.com and fill in your credentials. Once a new feature becomes available it is ready to use!


As PWA on the web or on your phone and the actual code is only 60kB!

It loads so fast I just forget it's not even an application on my own machine!

Arie Lext.

What is JSMusicDB?


At just 60kB it loads within milliseconds


event driven UI with 60fps animations


Last.FM integration, Virtual scroll (big list), Artist radio, Continues play and dynamic theme support are just a few of the many advanced features.